Video: Mohamed Salah awesome goal vs Everton!

Mohamed Salah

Watch as Mohamed Salah scores an awesome goal against Everton in Premier League!

Mohamed Salah scored a great goal out of nothing, as Everton hasn’t shown anything.

Its 1-0 for Liverpool, who tried everything, but couldn’t get past Everton’s keeper. Well Mohamed Salah decided to take things into his own two feet.

He got the ball on the right side of Everton’s penalty area. Than he evaded one challenge and another one, after which he took a brilliant shot into the top left corner of Everton’s goal.

It was a moment of genius from Salah, who helped and lifted Liverpool from a difficult position.

Liverpool is leading 1-0 and now its up to Everton to make something from this match. All they did was defend in the first 45 minutes. Now they will have to attack, which will make the second half a lot more interesting for everyone.


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