Video: Jeremiah St Juste crucial goal vs Napoli!

Jeremiah St Juste

Watch as Jeremiah St Juste a crucial injury time goal against Napoli in Champions League!

Jeremaih St Juste scored a goal that put Napoli in a state of shock.

The match ended 2-1 for Feyenoord, as Napoli lost a match they simply shouldn’t. This defeat means that Napoli have failed to qualify for the Champions League last 16, and will continue in Europa League.

Its shocking that Feyenoord managed to surprise Napoli, given that they didn’t have any chance in the Champions League anymore. They were dead last and would continue to stay there.

The man who put Napoli down and out was Jeremiah St Juste, a player who arrived to Feyenoord this season and has scored his first goal for the club.

It wasn’t anything special of a goal. St Just was kind of lucky in the box as the ball fell kindly to him, after which he headed it into the net.

This goal obviously didn’t help Feyenoord a lot given their position, but this goal and the player will stay in Napoli’s harts for quite some time.