Video: Ayoze Perez funny own goal vs Newcastle United!

Ayoze Perez

Watch as Ayoze Perez scores a really funny own goal against Newcastle United in a Premier League match!

Ayoze Perez scores a goal in the wrong net as Leicester City beat Newcastle.

The match ended 2-3 for Leicester City, as Ayoze Perez became the villain of the match (at least for Newcastle). It was a brilliant match that had one really controversial moment.

Leicester should have been awarded a penalty, but weren’t. It looks as though everything evened itself out in the end, as Ayoze scored kind of a funny own goal.

Okazaki managed to get himself in fantastic position to score, but took too long to pull the trigger. Well, Perez ran up from behind him and comically put the ball into his own net instead of Okazaki.

It was funny, and it looked like as though Ayoze Perez wanted Okazaki to score sooner, and just scored instead of him.

Overall, this was another fantastic Premier League match, where Leicester got another three points in a funny way.


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