Video: Alejandro Acevedo comically dives against referee vs Penarol!

Alejandro Acevedo

Watch as Defensor’s assistant manager Alejandro Acevedo comically takes a dive against referee during a match against Penarol!

Alejandro Acevedo should quite football and take on acting.

There was a match in Uruguay’s league between Defensor and Penarol. They are the first and second team in the league.

Well, the match ended 0-1 for Penarol, as the away team scored a 93rd minute winner. Penarol opened a 9 point gap between these two teams.

Obviously, Defensor wasn’t happy with the result, but their assistant manager really went too far, comically too far.

Alejandro Acevedo made one really stupid move.

As the match ended, he went towards the referee and started arguing. After a while, referee moved away and Acevedo dived to the ground, as being hit by the ref. Video clearly shows that there was not contact and Acevedo ended up looking like a complete fool.

It was a crazy reaction, which will certainly going to be punished somehow, while Penarol sits comfortably at the top of the league.