Video: Juan Mata terrific skill vs CSKA Moscow!

Juan Mata

Watch as Juan Mata makes a terrific skill against CSKA Moscow in a Champions League group stage!

Juan Mata dribblede as United took a deserved victory.

The match ended 2-1 for Manchester United, who came back from 0-1 down at half time. They deserved their win, as CSKA basically didn’t do much apart for the goal.

Paul Pogba made one brilliant dribble against two CSKA’s players, and strangely Juan Mata did the same.

Its as though United players decided to make fun of CSKA’s players and they succedded.

Like Pogba, Mata managed to awoid two Russian players while simply using a backheel. It was very well done, as Mata basically made a slalom against CSKA.

This match also ment that Manchester United topped thier Champions League group, while Basel came second. CSKA Moscow will have to continue in Europa League, while Benfica finished dead last, with no points.