Video: Roman Torres crucial winner vs Costa Rica!

Roman Torres

Watch as Roman Torres scored a crucial winner against Costa Rica to qualify Panama for the first ever World Cup!

Roman Torres was the hero who brought Panama to their greatest achievement.

Panama and Costa Rica played out a crucial last match in World Cup qualifiers.

It ended 2-1 for Panama, with Roman Torres scoring the decisive late winner.

It wasn’t some spectacular goal, as it was all in the pass. The fact is that this goal wouldn’t have happened, if it weren’t for inch perfect header pass, right into Torres path.

All torres had to do was to beat the goalkeeper from close range, and he did that, with a powerful strike.

Obviously when the match ended, Panama players, fans and even commentators started celebrating their historic achievement.

Its also true that this wouldn’t have happened, if USA would do their job, but they were canceled out by Alvin Jones stunning goal.