Gif: Cristiano Ronaldo destroys Borja Mayoral in Real Madrid’s training!

Cristiano Ronaldo

Watch as Cristiano Ronaldo just destroys Borja Mayoral with a wicked nutmeg in Real Madrid’s training!

Cristiano Ronaldo made a skill, while Mayoral got lost.

Real Madrid had a regular training, one of the first since the end of international break.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored only one goal in two matches for Portugal, but his country still qualified for the World Cup directly. They won their last match against Switzerland, and that was that.

On the other hand Lionel Messi scored a hat-trick in a crucial match for Argentina.

Obviously, Ronaldo wasn’t happy that the little Argentinian was having all the headlines, so he took his anger on Mayoral.

Real players were training, when all of a sudden Ronaldo made a wicked nutmeg, that just destroyed Mayoral in front of his teammates.

It was a very cheeky skill from Ronaldo, but probably on the wrong player.

Mayoral will probably want to forget this moment as soon as possible, while Ronaldo is proving that he’s got some slick skills.

Cristiano Ronaldo bullying Mayoral in Real Madrid’s training!