Video: Paulo Dybala awesome hat-trick free kick goal vs Sassuolo!

Paulo Dybala

Watch as Paulo Dybala scores an awesome hat-trick free kick goal against Sassuolo in Serie A!

Sassuolo are playing their match in Serie A, and its 1-3 for Juve.

Juve has been the better side of the two, but if it weren’t for one man, Juve would have probably be losing this one.

Paulo Dybala is having a spectacular match. He has scored all three goals, and all three goals were fantastic.


The first one was a spectacular kick from outside the penalty area, and the second one was outside the boot, from inside the penalty area.

The last goal was scored from a free kick. Juve got a solid position for a free kick, not far from the penalty area. Dyabala decided to take it, and he took a brilliant shot, that no one would have been able to save.

A brilliant hat-trick and free kick goal for Dybala, who is becaming the first name in Serie A.

No wonder Barcelona tried so hard to sign him, but who knows, he might be wearing Barca’s colors next season.