Video: Lionel Messi scores first ever goal vs Gianluigi Buffon!

Lionel Messi

Watch as Lionel Messi scores his first official goal against Juventus’ Gianluigi Buffon!

It has finally happened.

Lionel Messi has broken another record, although a bizarre record, still a record.

He beat Gianluigi Buffon with a lovely shot, and scored his first ever goal against a legendary Buffon.

This goal gave an advantage to Barca over a tough Juve.

It was an incredible even match, with Juve being quite dangerous, but Messi took things into his own feet, and scored the goal.

It was a lovely one-two with Luis Suarez, after which Messi found an empty corner on the far side of Buffon’s goal. Legendary Gigi couldn’t do anything, and Barca took the lead.

This means that Barca is in a good position to win this match, but Juve was dangerous, and can easily hit an equalizer.

We’ll just have to see what happens in the second half.