Video: Jan Vertonghen gets sent off for a nasty elbow vs Borussia!

Jan Vertonghen

Watch as Jan Vertonghen gets second yellow card and was sent off for a nasty elbow against Borussia Dortmund!

Tottenham played against Borussia and won 3-1!

Harry Kane was the hero, as he scored two goals to help Tottenham to an important first win in their group.

Despite this, Yarmolenko scored the best goal of the match, while Aurier made the best skill in this match.

Tottenham was the better team and deserved their win.

This result was still kind of “damaged” by Vertonghen’s second yellow card.

When the match was closing out, Vertonghen was holding onto the ball. He made a clumsy, but nasty elbow on one of Borussia players that wanted to take the ball of him.

It was a second yellow card, but it could have been a straight red, given the severity of the elbow.

This means that Vertonghen will miss the next match, while Tottenham looks like giving some different performances and results in this year’s Champions League!