Video: Davide Zappacosta incredible long range goal vs Qarabag!

Davide Zappacosta

Watch as Davide Zappacosta scores an incredible long range goal against Qarabag in Champions League!

Chelsea is playing their first Champions League match in over a year.

They didn’t qualify in the last season, after that poor season under Mourinho.

Well, they are back, and are in form.

Qarabag is their opponent and they are already leading 2-0.

Pedro Rodriguez scored one fantastic goal, but David Zappacosta scored one spectacular goal!

Its hard to say, if it was meant as a shot or a pass, but he hit it from the right, about 40 meters out, and the ball went over the keeper and into the goal.

Spectacular goal, although probably unintentional.

This means that Chelsea is in a 2-0 goal lead against Qarabag, and this means that they have basically won this match.

Miracles do happen, but Chelsea won’t allow it, at least not tonight.