Video: Alan Shearer mocks Jose Mourinho in a match for Greenfell!

Alan Shearer

Watch as Alan Shearer mocks Jose Mourinho in a charity match for tragedy of Grenfell tower!

You have probably heard about that awful tragedy in a Grenfell tower.

Well, some of football legends have decided to organize a charity match, to help some of the victims families.

A day before the match, Jose Mourinho decided to join the match.

Strangely, but he decided to play as keeper, and even scored one penalty.

Jose Mourinho Scores A Penalty In A Game For… by WittyFutty

Well anyway, just before the match started, Alan Shearer gave a pre-match talk. After a while, he started talking about Mourinho, and this is what he said:

“Last night, we got some news, last night when I heard the greatest manager ever was coming to join us. I got to apologize Sir Alex isn’t here, but we got the second best manager here…”

It was a hilarious joke aimed at Mourinho, who was sitting there and laughing as the rest of the players.

So, a funny dig from Shearer in an important match for all the relatives of the victims that perished in the fire.

Shearer Makes Fun Of Mourinho At Game… by WittyFutty