Jose Mourinho and Mo Farah re-enact Henry and Carragher famous moment!

Jose Mourinho

Watch as Jose Mourinho and Mo Farah re-enact a famous moment between Thierry Henry And Jamie Carragher!

As you know, Mourinho joined in to play a charity match for Grenfell tower victims.

He got teased by Shearer at the start, but eventually scored a penalty goal, despite playing as a keeper.

When the match ended, he had a interview with Mo Farah, and comically made a re-enact moment from Thierry Henry.

That moment first happened, when Brendan Rodgers got sacked by Liverpool.

Henry comically touched Carragher’s knee, while Carragher made a funny look.

Those two made the same moment when Liverpool beat Arsenal 4-0, and now Mourinho did the same with Mo Farah.

Thierry Henry And Jamie Carragher Comically… by WittyFutty

Basically the third similar funny moment during an interview.

Its hard to say, which moment of the three is the funniest, but original was probably a shoulder over the rest.

Mourinho Re-Enacts Carragher and Henry… by WittyFutty