Gif: Alexis Sanchez awesome dribble vs Koln!

Alexis Sanchez

Watch as Alexis Sanchez makes an awesome dribble on one of Koln’s players in Europa League!

Arsenal beat Koln with a solid 3-1 result.

Stuff didn’t go as plan for Gooners, as Koln took an early lead, after Ospina’s gaffe.

Still, Arsenal recovered in the second half, and scored three goals through Kolasinac, Sanchez, and Bellerin!

Kolasinac scored a fantastic volley goal, but Sanchez scored an even better goal.

You could say that Alexis Sanchez was the man of the match, as he was constantly creating problems for Koln. He wasn’t that visible in the first half, but he was a monster in the second.

This dribble kind of proves his quality performance in this match (especially second half).

He basically ridiculed one Koln’s player, who in the end din’t know where the ball is or, what’s happening. He probably didn’t even know in which competition is he playing.

Fantastic dribble, by Arsenal star man, who’s contract is going to finish this season. This means that Arsenal will have a very difficult task of replacing their best player, in the summer. On the other hand, Koln doesn’t have any similar problem, but will have problems progressing out of this group.

Alexis Sanchez sends one Koln player back to Bundesliga!