Gif: Adam Smith with uncalled handball vs Arsenal!

Adam Smith

Watch as Adam Smith has an uncalled handball in his own penalty area against Arsenal in Premier League match!

Arsenal and Bournemouth are playing their match, and stuff is looking good for the Gooners!

Its 2-0 for Arsenal, who scored through Welbeck and Lacazette.

It could have been a lot worse for Bournemouth, if a certain handball would be called.

Sead Kolasinac made a volley shot inside Bournemouth penalty area. The ball hit Adam West directly in the hand, but nothing was given. It should have been a penalty for Arsenal, but referee didn’t think so.

It was a really bad call, but that’s how it is if there’s no VAR used.

The result didn’t change after that, but Arsenal is way superior to Bournemouth, and only a miracle can change this win into a draw, or defeat for Arsenal.

And that’s how Arsenal should get a penalty for handball, but didn’t!