Gif: Danny Welbeck funny miss after Lacazette scores vs Bournemouth!

Danny Welbeck

Watch as Danny Welbeck makes a funny miss after Alexandre Lacazette scores against Bournemouth in Premier League!

Arsenal cam back from crisis to win 3-0 against Bournemouth.

Frankly, this was the best win this season, and it doesn’t look like the club is missing Alex Oxlade Chamberlain.

Danny Welbeck was the hero of the match, in which Francis Coquelin got “shot by a sniper”.

Welbeck scored two goals and made another assist. This means that he was involved in every goal, which isn’t bad at all.

Despite scoring two, he did made one really funny miss. After Lacazette scored his goal, Welbeck ran to the Bournemouth goal, trying to kick the ball again inside Bournemouth’s goal. He comically missed the goal, despite being really close, having an empty net before him, and no pressure at all.

A really funny situation, which obviously didn’t have any effect on the match.

Welbeck scored two goal to became the hero of the match, while Bournemouth are facing a really tough season in the Premier League.

When Danny Welbeck misses a siter, desite the goal being scored!