Top Tweets: Kylian Mbappe officially signs for PSG!

Kylian Mbappe

Kaylian Mbappe has finally made his transfer to PSG, after weeks of speculation!

Mbappe arrives to PSG with a loan and than obligation to buy next season for €180 million. That way, Mbappe has just became the second most expensive transfer, ever!

Monaco made the deal of the milenuim by selling Mbappe, as they sign him up as a kid, played him one season, and than sold him huge money.

Obviously, twitter had a big reaction to the fact that Mbappe finally arrived to PSG!


So, Kylian Mbappe has finally moved to PSG. Although, there were some rumors about Mbappe to Real, nothing came out of it.

This transfer basically means two things. One is that PSG is going to rule France in the next decade, or so, and that PSG don’t care about financial fair play.

This also means that FFP rules are easily overcame, which means they are kind of pointless!