Video: Ivan Perisic ridicules Antonio Rudiger!

Ivan Perisic

Watch how Ivan Perisic ridiculed Antonio Rudiger, a while ago during Roma and Inter match in Serie A!

It looks like Premier League has gotten hots for players from Serie A.

First it was Mohamed Salah, than it was Antonio Rudiger and now its going to be Ivan Perisic.

It looks like Perisic is going to be the third signing for Jose Mourinho and Manchester United.

Its funny, but both Rudiger and Perisic had an amusing situation, when they faced each other in Serie A, last season. Perisic totally ridiculed Rudiger, having twice showing that he’s gonna pass, and Rudiger going to the ground twice.

In a funny way, looks like Mourinho just trolled Chelsea, with the signing of Perisic!

Who knows what’s gonna happen during the season, but these two will definitely met, and we’ll see what happens than!