Gif: Lionel Messi fantastic solo run vs Alaves!

Lionel Messi

Watch as Lionel Messi makes fantastic solo rung against Alaves in the finale of Spanish Cup!

Barca beat Alaves with a 3-1 scoreline.

A very much deserved victory, which might not have happened, if it weren’t for Messi.

He scored one and assisted another, while being a constant danger for Alaves’ defense.

There was one special run by Messi, quite late into the second half, that shows just why is Messi the best dribbler in the world. I mean, he just went past Alaves’ player like there weren’t there. He went past at least 4 players, before being eventually stopped.

So, Barca saved its season by winning the Spanish Cup, with Messi again showing just why he is considered the best in the world.

How Messi went past four Alaves’ players!


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