Gif: Karim Benzema incredible dribble vs three Atletico Madrid players!

Karim Benzema

Watch as Karim Benzema makes an incredible dribble against three Atletico Madrid players, and eventually sets up a goal!

Its 2-1 for Atletico.

In other words, its not enough for Atletico.

They got two early goals, but got one from Isco.

This means they need to scored 3 goals to advance.

In other words, it ain’t gonna happen.

Anyway, that crucial goal from Real was done thanks to super dribble by Karim Benzema. I mean, he went past three players, which is incredible in itself.

Although, it was a superb dribble, one questions himself, just how in the world did those Atletico’s player left Benzema to make the dribble!?!

Still, watch and enjoy the dribble that sealed Atletico’s season in Champions League!

Karim Benzema just “killed” Atletico Madrid!


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