Top Tweets: Arsenal failed to get into Champions League after 21 years!


Arsenal made history when they failed to qualify for Champions League after 21 years, and the first time in Arsene Wenger’s time at Arsenal!

So, the thing everyone expected, happened!

Arsenal failed to get into Champions League places, as both Liverpool and Manchester City won their matches.

A sad day for the gooners, but a happy for Liverpool and ecstatic for Twitter!

So, you could say that there are many unhappy Arsenal fans. Still, Arsenal form dropped so much after that Bayern Munich debacle, that there was just no realistic way ArsenalFC would get anything from this season in Premier League.

However, Chelesa came back stronger after they had a piss poor last season, and won the Premier League this season. Can be the same expected from Arsenal? We will see!

This doesn’t change the fact that Arsenal is going to star in Europa League for the first time in 21 years.

Actually a unique achievement, which will certainly make Arsenal fans “un”happy!