Video: Alexis Sanchez signals intention to stay in his celebration vs Stoke City!

Alexis Sanchez

Watch as Alexis Sanchez signals his intention to stay at Arsenal, after scoring against Stoke City!

Alexis Sanchez was the man of the match against Stoke City.

He was the main reason why Arsenal defeated Stoke City, and got back in the race for the Champions League.

He assisted one fantastic goal and scored one fantastic goal (while also being injured).

After Sanchez scored that goal, he made a curious celebration. It looked like he was trying to tell the fans that he’s gonna stay at Arsenal! Its difficult to say what does this celebration actually means. Does it mean just for the next season, or indefinitely?!?

Decide for yourself, but Olivier Giroud “definitely” signaled his hate against Nacho Monreal (lol)!

Still, Arsenal won, and anything can happen now, but let’s just wait and see what happens.


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