Video: Sami Khedira’s assist wrongfully ruled out for offside vs Barcelona!

Sami Khedira

Watch as Sami Khedira is wrongfully ruled out for offside, as he helped Juventus score the 4th goal against Barcelona!

Juventus demolished Barcelona in Italy. They won 3-0, but it could have been even worse for Barca.

Barcelona had their chances, and one very controversial decision turned down, but Juve still had more of the match.

Similar to that controversial decision against Barca, Juve also had one very controversial decision gone against them.

Sami Khedira made a run, and passed the ball to Cuadrado, who eventually scored. Referee’s ruled out goal, as they adjudged that Khedira was in offside position.

Well, he wasn’t!

It was 3-0, but it should have been 4-0.

I have no idea what’s happening to Barca, and their away results, but I guess something similar to Arsenal’s away form.

So, Barca will have to pull out another miracle. A miracle that’s probably not gonna happen against Juve!


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