Video: Brondby fans threw dead rats at Copenhagen players!


Watch as insane Brondby fans threw dead rats at Copenhagen player taking a corner kick in Denmark’s derby!

Brondby and Copenhagen are a clubs that don’t like each other very much.

This match between the two proved that, completely.

It even went beyond it, to tell you the truth.

Grossly, over it!

Copenhagen had a regular corner kick, the player went to take it, but saw something strange. Brondby fans started throwing dead rats on the pitch, at the corner flag.

Yes, dead rats!

I mean, how freaking insane do you have to be, to throw a dead rat at someone.

I get it, its a derby, but a dead rat!?!

That’s just disgusting, and insane!

Copenhagen won, and have all but secured another title, while Brondby will probably face some serious punishments, financial and moral.


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