Gif: Hakim Ziyech awesome flip-flop nutmeg vs Legia!

hakim ziyech

Watch as Hakim Ziyech preforms an awesome flip-flap nutmeg against Legia in Liga Europa!

It looks like Ronaldo made flip-flap interesting, again.

After Ronaldinho, Ronaldo decided to preform a perfect flip-flap against Espanyol, and Ziyech repeated the same thing to Legia.

Ajax defeated Legia with a 1-0 scoreline, but Ziyech took all the highlight of the match!

He made a fantastic flip-flap trick with his left foot, and caught Legia’s player totally by surprise. The ball went right between Legia’s player, and made the trick even better.

You should try to compare both flip flaps, and decide which is better.

Is it Ronaldo’s flip flap or Ziyech’s flip-flap!

Hakim Ziyech makes a tunnel with a flip-flap!


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