Video: Diego Godin and Deyverson engage in a spitting fight!

Diego Godin

Watch as Diego Godin and Deyverson spitted at each other during a La Liga clash between Alaves and Atletico Madrid!

Alaves and Atletico Madrid ended their match in a goalless draw, that didn’t please anyone.

Although, the match didn’t offer much, Diego Godin and Deyverson sure did!

Spitting at the opponent is one of the most disrespectful things a football player can do, and stuff is also disgusting as well.

Diego Godin is known for doing stuff like that, but Deyverson isn’t. I mean, who is Deyverson, anyway?

Well, both players spitted each other during the match, and were lucky to not get sent off for their unsporting behavior. Having written that, they are still going to get punished, given that the cameras recorded their crazy behavior.

So watch the videos and bon appetit!


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