Gif: Lionel Messi with incredible dribble vs Scott Brown!

Lionel Messi

Watch as Lionel Messi totally out-dribbles Scott Brown during a Champions League encounter!

Barcelona defeated Celtic with a simply 0-2 result.

It was quite a one sided affair, with Barca pulling all the strings.

The hero of the match, was no other than Lionel Messi, who scored one lovely goal and one penalty goal.

The highlight of the match was non of the goals, but a certain dribble by Messi, which showcases the little Argentinian’s skill!

Brown was closing in on Messi, but Argentinian just twitched to the right, and went left, while Brown comically fell to the right.

Brilliant and simply, the main trademark of Messi’s key ability!

When Messi goes to the left, Brown falls to the right!


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