Video: Laurent Koscielny controversial last second handball goal vs Burnley!

Laurent Koscielny

Watch as Laurent Koscielny scores 92nd minute goal with accidental handball against Burnely in last Premier League match of the weekend!

Arsenal beat Burnley 1-0, thanks to a very controversial goal.

Arsenal were pressing and pressing for the goal, but they only managed to score that ever important goal in the last minute (last second) against a very tough Burnly side.

The goal scored by Koscielny is highly controversial, though.

As Alexis Sanchez put in shortened corner kick, the ball was met by Theo Walcott’s head that directed the ball against Chamberlain and Koscielny. Chemberlain shot, but the ball hit Koscielny in the hand, and eventually went into the goal.

A very controversial goal, that would probably not have counted, if referees saw the handball!

Nevertheless, this goal might make a difference in the “hunt for the title” and might even help Arsenal win The Trophy after a decade!