Video: Enner Valencia fakes injury in order to escape police vs Chile!

Enner Valencia

Watch as Enner Valencia fakes a horrible injury in order to escape police during a World Cup qualification match against Chile!

The most bizarre situation that has happened in international football (like this decade) happened during a match between Ecuador and Chile.

Ecuador was beating Chile quite comfortably when all of a sudden, Enner Valencia collapsed on the pitch!!!

Medics quickly ran onto the pitch, while everyone else was fearing the worst.

After a while, Valencia was taken of the pitch on a mobile stretcher, but Strangely enough, some cops were rushing behind the stretcher.

No one knew just what the hell was going on, but than the news came that Valencia faked his injury in effort to escape police for some unpaid alimony.

A crazy move for a football star that probably earns in a week as most of us earn in a year.

Enner is probably going to get some kind of punishment for this ridiculous thing, and hopefully he will pay the alimony to someone who needs the money more than him (presumably).