Video: Thiago Motta crazy head tackle vs Ludogorets!

Thiago Motta

Watch Thiago Motta’s insane head tackle, which created a penalty kick for Ludogorets in Champions League!

Ludogorets played against PSG in their Champions League encounter, which they lost. This wasn’t really a surprise, given PSG quality. However, there was one moment of the match that looked like changing the match completely.

PSG was leading 1-2 against Ludogorets, when all of a sudden Thiago Motta made something really crazy and dangerous.

He made a tackle inside his club penalty area with his head!!! Yes, his head. Not only that, he made a penalty foul with his head. A crazy moment from Motta, which didn’t go punished by Ludogorets.

PSG’s keeper managed to save the resulting penalty, and eventually Cavani scored the last goal of the match, to help PSG record an away victory with a 1-3 result.