Video: Nwankwo Kanu has to get off the pitch as the 12th man vs Milan!

nwankwo kanu

Watch as Nwankwo Kanu has to get off the pitch because he was the 12th man for Arsenal Legends against Milan Gloria!

Arsenal and Milan are currently playing a friendly match of football! In other words, Arsenal and Milan legends are currently playing a friendly.

Its 1-1 at the moment, but the start had one hilarious moment.

Howard Webb (referee) was delaying the start of the match, but no one understood why. All of a sadden it became apparent that webb didn’t start the match, because Arsenal Legends had one player too much on the pitch.

Nwankwo Kanu failed to realize that he was on the bench, and that he wasn’t starting the match.

After a debate, Kanu finally left the pitch and the match could start!