Video: Giroud and Verratti received odd simultaneous second yellow cards!

Olivier Giroud

Watch Olivier Giroud and Marco Verratti received two weird simultaneous yellow cards during a match between PSG and Arsenal!

PSG and Arsenal ended their match in a draw. The match was dominated by PSG, where Cavani managed to miss at least five fantastic chances to score! Eventually, Alexis capitalized on PSG’s poor effectiveness, and the match ended in 1-1 draw.

The funniest and weirdest scene occurred near the end of the match, when both Olivier Giroud and Marco Verratti managed to get sent off at the same time!

It is believed that both players were sent off because they comically clashed with each other, but it frankly looked more like an accident than anything else.

Referee didn’t think so, and sent both players off with a second yellow cards!