Video: Ali Saeed Saqr gets sent off after punching and stomping an opponent!

Ali Saeed Saqr

Watch goalkeeper Ali Saeed Saqr get sent off for an absolutely crazy reaction in which he punched and than stomped an opponent Danilo Moreno!

One of the craziest scenes in football happened in the Emirates. To be more exact, in Arabina Golf League!

The names of the teams is not really important, but the name of the goalkeeper Ali Saeed Saqr is!

Opposition striker Danilo Moreno got himself in a fantastic position to score, but he waited, as he wanted to make a fool out of Ali Saeed Saqr. Striker waited too long, and Saqr managed to kick the ball out of play.

Now, most goalkeepers would be pleased that they managed to “out smart” the opponent, but not Saqr.

He got up and punched the Moreno. Referee showed him the red card, but crazy Saqr than proceeded to stomp on the Moreno, which will (hopefully) get him even longer ban.

A truly crazy reaction that you can see in the video below!

Crazy Goalkeeper Saqr Sent Off After… by WittyFutty


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