Gif: Franck Kessie with brutal tackle vs Crotone!


Watch as Franck Kessie preforms one of the worst tackles of the season during a Serie A match between Crotone and Atalanta!

Crotone and Atalanta were playing a match in Serie A, which was won rather comfortably by Atalanta.

The most controversial, or in other words, the nastiest scene of the match cam in 62nd minute when Kessie preformed a terrible foul and got sent off.

Kessie is one of the biggest defensive talents in football, with Arsenal rumored to be interested in signing the player!

Well, this tackle didn’t show Kessie’s talent, but his brutality (or clumsiness).

Kessie was running for a ball, and wanted to get to the thing before Crotone’s NoĆ« Dussenne, but terribly failed at it. He missed the ball and caught Dussenne’s knee with his boot. He could have finished Crotone’s player season, but thankfully nothing serious happened.

Kessie was rightfully sent off, while Atalanta still managed to win the match without much trouble!

An average knee tackle in Serie A!