Gif: Diego Rolan gets sent off for insane tackle vs Angers!


Watch Diego Rolan make one of the craziest tackles, to get sent off against Angers In France!

Bordeaux and Angers were playing a regular league match in French Legue 1.

It was a tense match, which Bordeaux managed to lose at home.

Angers got into an early lead, and as time progressed, Bordeaux players got more and more nervous.

It was 85th minute, and Bordeaux’s player Diego Rolan got dragged back. The referee didn’t see that as a foul, which got Rolan completely crazy. He made a crazy tackle on Angers’ player, injuring him in the process.

Referee made the only sensible choice and sent Roland off for the worst tackle of this Ligue 1 week!

When you go a bit too far with a tackle!