Has the football market really gone crazy?

Transfer Market

Prices in football have reached incredible heights. Transfer fees of football players are continually rising, and has even broke the “magic” mark of €100 million! People are complaining that football market has gone crazy, but has it really?

Another summer transfer window has gone by, and another transfer record has been set. Surprisingly (or not), it wasn’t made by Real Madrid, but by Manchester United.

They bought Paul Pogba for unprecedented €105 million. The funny part is that United didn’t really need the player, but they still paid way over the odds for him.

You could say that United are continuing from last season, when they bought, relatively unknown 19-year old Anthony Martial for a whooping €50 million.

Its not surprising that all that spending is coming from one of England’s richest clubs, given the money Premier League has received through TV deals! Every club in top flight of England is spending big (even Championship)

However, have the England (also Chinese) clubs (and some other big clubs) really changed the transfer market, making it crazy?

Most of the football clubs out there are quite small. They don’t pay a lot for transfer fees of football players and generally lack decent founding.

The majority of those clubs are also not visible to the general public. That’s why the perception of a “crazy market” is created.

Small amount of big clubs spend big, while the majority (that is made of small clubs) spend very little.

Its true that those clubs from England and other “bigger” clubs are creating some kind of domino effect with their spending. That kind of domino effect is quite short lived.

If you look at example of Paul Pogba. United paid Juventus €105 million Pogba, Juventus than paid €90 million for Napoli’s Gonzalo Higuain, and Napoli paid for €32 million for Ajax’s Arkadiusz Milik. That’s when the domino effect ended. Ajax didn’t bought anyone of note and the money didn’t get anywhere else.

In effect, a relatively small number of clubs are disrupting the “visible” transfer market, while the majority is simply doing what they always been doing (not spending and being in the shadows)


Transfer market hasn’t gone crazy, just the “visible” part has.

The richest clubs will always spend a lot, and the number of those has risen a lot in recent time. They have disrupted the transfer market, but they didn’t really changed it!

Majority of the transfer market has always been small and will remain that way, while those few big and rich clubs will continue to break transfer records, and making transfer market look crazy!