Video: Lionel Messi “insane” overhead assist vs Sampdoria!

Lionel MESSI

Watch as Lionel Messi produces an unbelievable overhead assist for Suarez opener against Sampdoria in a friendly match!

Lionel Messi is probably the best football player over the last eight years or so (sorry, Ronaldo), and he proved that with this spectacular overhead assist to Suarez.

Barcelona was playing a friendly with Sampdoria. Barca won the entertaining match 3-2. Messi was involved in all three goals, but his assist for the first goal really took the headlines (although that free kick goal wasn’t that bad).

Iniesta send an over-the-top ball into Sampdoria’s penalty area. Messi made the run, but got the ball, with his back facing the goal. He controlled it with his torso and instinctively send an overhead pass to Suarez. It was a ridiculous pitch perfect pass for Suarez, and he obviously scored.

Surely, the best assist of this year, shows that Messi is in form, and isn’t suffering after that Argentina’s defeat in Copa Centenario!