What would happen, if Roman Abramovich left Chelsea?

Roman Abramovich

Abramovich is the owner of Chelsea football club for the past 13 years. The question is, what would happen to Chelsea, if Roman Abramovich would leave the club?

Roman Abramovich has been the owner of Chelsea ever since 2003, when he decided to buy the debt ridden club, and transformed it into one of the best clubs in the world.

It would be an understatement to say that Abramovich has been a dream come true for Chelsea (and their fans). Before Abramovich, Chelsea was going down, quite literary. Chelsea would probably be playing in the second league (or third) as they would suffer a Leeds like meltdown, due to big (for the time) debt.

Well, Roman saved Chelsea and made it into one of the biggest clubs in the world. This brings us to a question, what would happen to Chelsea, if Abramovich would leave.

I know that Abramovich will leave Chelsea (at some point in time), but what would happen, if Roman would leave the club very soon. If Roman would came into the office tomorrow and said “I’m done with Chelsea”, sold it, and became a part of club’s history!

More than one scenario could happen.


The best scenario for Chelsea and their fans would be that another “sugar daddy” would buy the club. That he would bought the thing , and than just started signing players for fun!

Basically, the he would do what Roman has been doing for the past decade, but with bigger intensity!

That kind of owner would probably came from the middle east, like City’s owners, or PSG owners. This owner would probably be even better than Abramovich, at least in terms of investment into players. The club might even win more trophies, with that kind of new owner.

This scenario isn’t the most realistic, given that there aren’t that many owners in the world that could afford the costs.

Chelsea’s is valued at around £1,118 million. This means that the new owner would have to pay about a billion and a half to just buy the club.  Than there would have to be transfer fees and weekly paychecks. A lot of money would have to be spent!

In essence there aren’t that many people with that kind of money, and there are even less that were just itching to spend their “hard” earned money.


The worst case scenario would be that no one would really want to buy the club. This would mean that the club would have to sell all their star players.

Chelsea wouldn’t be able to bring in any decent replacements, which would make a club very average. In the end, Chelsea would probably end up in the second or third English league.

This scenarios did happen at Portsmouth and Leeds United, but Chelsea has “luckily” became to big for that to happen. This means that even this scenario wouldn’t be realistic.

There would definitely be someone that would buy Chelsea, although the next owner might not be as money spending as Abramovich.


So the most realistic scenario would be something in between. That’s also the scenario I believe would happen, if Abramovich would suddenly leave Chelsea.

When Abramovich would left the club, it would be bought by an owner, who would be more similar to the Glazers or Kroenke. Someone who would want to earn money from the club and not just “splash the cash”.

He wouldn’t buy the club only with his money, but also with the bank’s money. That would leave Chelsea in debt, like United. Those kind of owners would be an “effective” owners, but would most likely change Chelsea to the worst (at least in terms of results and trophies).

Chelsea would probably fall to Liverpool’s level (which isn’t that worse, but still not at the top), and they would have massive problems winning trophies.

In essence Chelsea would returned back to the time before Roman Abramovich. A time where there weren’t many trophies, and fans morale wasn’t as high as it is now.