Gif: Denis Odoi makes a stunning dribble against Newcastle United!

Denis Odoi

Watch Denis Odoi preform a dribble of the season against Newcastle United in Championship!

Fulham and Newcastle United have opened up the new season in 2nd English league called Championship.

It was an open match, like most of Championship matches are, but there was only one goal scored. Fulham won the match 1-0 and have opened their season in a positive way.

The match itself wasn’t as nearly as impressive as this bit of skill, though!

Denis Odoi preformed one of the best skills I have ever seen!

Odoi received the ball, not with his chest, but with his back, and completely surprised the opponent, who only watched as the ball flew by him!

A genius move, which didn’t won the match, but did help winning it!

When you make the best dribble of the se…

When you make the best dribble of the season in the first match of the season!


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