Infographic: The whole EURO 2016!

EURO 2016

Have a look at infographic of the whole of EURO 2016, at least in terms of results!

EURO 2016 is finished. After a month, Europe’s biggest competition has ended. It was happy for some, while sad for others. The fact is that Portugal is the new European champion, and will remain that for the next 4 years!

There were many surprises in EURO 2016. The biggest among them were surely Wales and Iceland.

Iceland managed to finished first in their group, and than knocked out England, while Wales managed to progress all the way to the semi-finale of the competition.

There were many moments which will stay in the memories and harts of fans around Europe.

Its going to be interesting to see who is going to win the next EURO, but for now, lets leave Portugla fans in celebration, and French in mourning.

EURO 2016