Can Leicester City win the Premier League title, again?

Leicester City

Leicester City won the Premier League title, against all odds, last season. Leicester managed to keep, more or less, the same squad, which raises the question, can Leicester City win the Premier League title again?

Outside, sun is shining and temperatures are really high! All that heat has made me think about Leicester’s chances in the upcoming Premier League season (yeah, really!) There are still a couple of weeks before Premier League starts again, but time runs quick and the league will be here in no-time!

I think (know) that Premier League is the most competitive football league in the world. Anyone can win the title, and Leicester City proved just that. They won the title despite not having the biggest budget, or the best players. However, as I wrote in one of my previous posts, they had enough money and good enough quality players to win the damn thing.

Obviously, you ask yourself a question (like myself), can Leicester do it again? Can they shook the league again and win the title?

A tough question, which I believe can be answered with both yes and no!


Leicester City is NOT going to lose every key player. Sure N’Golo Kante is history, but he might end up as the only important player to leave the club. Mahrez will likely stay, given that his dream club (Barcelona) doesn’t want to sign him.

The fact is that Leicester City has already bought replacements. I know that Ahmed Mousa is a quality signing (best player in Russian league), but other recruits are quite unknown.Well, Leicester’s players were also unknown (until recently), which means that unknown doesn’t equal bad quality.

Those “less known” recruits might end up as key players for Leicester in this season!

Leicester won Premier League thanks to strong attack (1st part of the season), and strong defense (2nd part of the season). With that regard, Leicester City will have identical squad from last season, which means that they could repeat the same achievement (winning the league).

As I mentioned before, Leicester isn’t same small village club, they had enough money and quality to win the Premier League, like they did in the previous season!


One of the key things, that helped Leicester City to win the title, was lack of injuries. I don’t mean a total lack of injures, but the lack of long-term injures to crucial players. All the other teams had important players out for a longer period of time, but not Leicester.

Leicester doesn’t have a long bench. Their rotation players aren’t good enough to replace the players from the first eleven.

If Leicester happens to have a bad injury spell, not only that they won’t win the Premier League title, but they might end up relegated from the Premier League!

There is also Champions League football. Leicester is going to play in Champions League and Europe for the first time in their history. You can be sure, that they are going to focus on their maiden season in Europe, and put Premier League in the back of their minds.

Leicester has strong enough squad, but they don’t have the best squad in a league. Many teams have stronger squads, which means that Leicester can only win a title, if those teams perform poorly (like they did in the previous season).

There are much bigger chances for Leicester to NOT win the title, than to win it! However, their chances were even smaller last season, and they surprised everyone and won the title!


I believe that there is a chance for Leicester to win another Premier League title, but at the same time, see their chances as incredibly small. There is a much bigger chance for them to finish below first place, or even get relegated from the Premier League.

That’s why I expect Leicester City to NOT win the Premier League, but secretly hope, that they do win another title!