Parody: Will Grigg’s not on fire anymore!

Will Grigg

Exclusive news is that Will Grigg is officially NOT on fire anymore!

The shocking news of the year is that Will Grigg’s on cold, now. He was put out on the 25th of June, at around 19:00 pm. The main perpetrator is believed to be Gareth McAuley. How and why it happened is still unknown. When we interviewed Mr. McAuley he had this to say. “I did it, but I didn’t want to do it, those pesky Welsh made me do it.

An honest response to a honest question, indeed.

We also wanted to understand just how did the man, who was on fire for the better part of the year, got smothered, but McAuley refused to answer the question, only saying “aaaawwww!

Soon after McAuley interview, the Welsh made a statement that “The man was on fire, and he had to be extinguished. If we wouldn’t do it, than the Belgians or Hungarians would do it!

So the man who was sensationally on fire for a long period of time has finally got cold. Naturally, we wanted to interview the man himself, but we couldn’t get response from Will Grigg, as he was on a bench wearing his headphones on,  listening to his favorite song “burn baby burn”.

It remains to be seen what future holds for Will Grigg. Is he going to get on fire again, or might he turn to ice instead. Will Grigg’s definitely going to need time to get used to normal temperatures. So we would like to offer him a £1 blanket, which is very worm, and will cost even less due to the Brexit!