Is Jose Mourinho the right manager for Manchester United?

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho has officially been appointed as Manchester United manager. What everyone expected has finally happened. Mourinho signed a 4-year contract, and will remain at United until 2020. Mourinho is one of the best football managers in the world, but is he the right manager for Manchester United?

Jose Mourinho has finally been appointed to position he always wanted (if you believe the press). Ever since Mourinho has been sacked by Chelsea, there were speculation that he will took over at Manchester United. When Van Gaal failed to win the 4th spot, Mourinho appointment looked inevitable.

Jose Mourinho has been managing football clubs for 16 years now, with great success. He has been winning trophies (big and small) ever since 2002, when he took over at Porto. If you look at it this way, he is the best man to manage Manchester United. The problem with Mourinho is that he doesn’t just bring trophies, but also brings trouble.
#Chelsea trademarked Jose Mourinho’s name in 2005. Now that’s a first world problem.

— Richard Loat (@richardloat) May 27, 2016

Alex Ferguson build Manchester United from a below average club in the Premier League to one of the richest and biggest clubs in the world, while also winning plenty of trophies. Mourinho hasn’t really transformed any club where he has managed. He won trophies, and that was that, while spending plenty of money along the way.
Jose Mourinho is the most expensive manager in the world, and not just because of his yearly paycheck, but he spends the most money on transfers. As reported in Dailymail, Mourinho has spend a whooping £619 million on new players in the last 10 years, which is the most in the world.
Jose Mourinho is the biggest spending manager in world football over the last 10 years! £619m in total

— Rule’m Sports (@RULEMsports) January 6, 2016

Mourinho prefers an experienced players; players that are in their prime years, that can win games “today”, and not “tomorrow”. This is obviously a bad news for youngsters, who rarely get a chance under Mourinho, and are mostly shipped out on various loans.
Players can achieve amazing results while playing under Mourinho. One could say that he prepares the players to give 101% in every game. This works well in short run, but its not good in the long run. That’s why every time Mourinho leaves a club, he leaves it in a poorer position, than before him (in terms of players energy and motivation).
Man United youngsters could be frozen out under Mourinho, claims Ronald De Boer via @MailSport#mufc

— Riath Al-Samarrai (@riathalsam) May 25, 2016

Some managers like to play an attacking style of football, while others are content with defensive style of football. Mourinho is basically a perfect defensive style manager. Sure, when opposition is weak, he plays an attacking style (as with Real Madrid), but when there is an equal opposition, he is all about defense.
Ever since Mourinho’s first period at Chelsea, there has been talk about 3rd season curse. Mourinho starts strong in the first season, reaches his peek in the second season, and flounders in the third season. This also means that Mourinho is not a long term option.
#PremierLeague: Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho’s ‘cycles’ last about 18 months – Fabio Capello

— talkFOOTBALL (@talkFOOTYBALL) October 6, 2015

Manchester United are in need of top results again, if not for the fans, than for the sponsors (who bring the big money to the club). Mourinho can bring United back to the top, along with a trophy, or two. The problem is that Mourinho brings plenty of negatives, and will probably leave United for the worse than at the moment.

Everything screams about short term, when Mourinho is involved, and United might pay a big price for a couple of trophies. That price might be too big in the long term, and that is why I believe that Mourinho is not the right  manager for Manchester United.

United should focus on a long term manager, who is going to give chance to youngsters and play an attacking football. That kind of manager wouldn’t bring instant results, but could probably build a new era of Manchester United.
As it stand, United will probably win a couple of trophies under Mourinho, but will eventually end up in a worse state that they are at the moment. Mourinho is going to end up as only as a good short term manager.