Parody: England fans send Raheem Sterling home!

Raheem Sterling

England fans have achieved their biggest success in a decade by sending England player Raheem Sterling back home to England!

While England was playing Wales, Raheem Sterling had a glorious chance (a sitter), but failed to take it. Generally, Sterling had a very poor match against Wales, and was replaced at half time.

Although England won the match, England’s faithfuls decided that enough is enough. “We don’t need Sterling anymore” was the outcry by majority of the fans, and decided to gather 200 Euros, and send Raheem Sterling home.

They gathered the money in around five minutes, and decided to call Roy Hodgson about taking Raheem back to England. Hodgson approved the request with delight, while saying that “We don’t need another flop in our squad, we have plenty of flops here already!

When Raheem Sterling found out about the news of his imminent exit from the EURO 2016, he was obviously shocked. “Really!?!” was the first word to come out of Sterling’s mouth, following by “All I did was miss a sitter, what about Hart, who couldn’t save his ass even if he wanted to, or Rooney, who is useful as a shit on a stool.

After calming down, Raheem concluded “Well at least I will fly sooner than later.“, and continued “You know I love to fly, that’s why I dive so much, because I can fly for a bit.

England fans have to reasons to cheer now. One is the injury time win against Wales, and the other is sending Sterling back home!

England is currently top in their group, and will play Slovakia in their last group match.