Jose Mourinho vs Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger, and Jose Mourinho are one of the biggest rivals in the Premier League. One of the reasons for this rivalry is because they are the managers of two strongest clubs in London. The other reason is that they really don’t like each other. In next couple of paragraphs I am going to compare this two managers!

Arsene Wenger, and Jose Mourinho look different, they talk different, they are from different countries, and they have different styles. In fact they are completely different. No wonder they don’t like each other.

“Wenger likes to play open attacking football”

Arsene Wenger is tall and skinny Frenchman, while Mourinho is rather small, and a bit chubby Portuguese. Basically, one looks like a Buzzard, while the other one looks like a mouse! Wenger usually has problems with his zippers, while Mourinho doesn’t know how to control his medical team.

“Mourinho likest to play closed defensive football”

Wenger likes his teams to play open attacking football, with a lots of possession. On the other hand, Mourinho likes to play very closed defensive football. This means that Wenger’s teams are much more watchable than Mourinho’s, while Mourinho tends to win more trophies than Wenger. This is one of the reasons why Wenger has such a poor record against Mourinho.

“Wenger has won 19 trophies”

In General, a game between Arsenal and Chelsea is a battle of attack (Arsenal) vs defense (Chelsea). In Wenger and Mourinho case, defense usually wins (or draws).

“Mourinho has won 22 (mostly big) trophies”

Wenger has so far managed four different clubs, while Mourinho has managed six different clubs. Wenger longest stay has been 19 years at Arsenal, while Mourinho’s longest stay has been at Chelsea, where he has been for five years (first, and second stint together)

“Wenger has spend €400 million on transfers”

Mourinho has won 22 (mostly big) trophies, while Wenger has won 19 trophies. Trophies that Wenger won, were less important than those won by Mourinho, and the fact is that Wenger is 65 years old, while Mourinho is only 52 years old. There are 13 years of managerial experience between the two, which makes Mourinho a lot more effective, at least in terms of trophies won.

“Mourinho has spend 900 million on transfers”
Experts say that money is the key in securing top results, and trophies. This is probably the best answer as to why Mourinho has won more important trophies that Wenger. Since 2004, Mourinho has spend around €900 million on transfer alone, while Wenger spend around €400 million. This is a striking difference, but it gets even bigger when you put in value of players being sold. If you add this value, you can see that Mourinho has spend around €650 million, while Wenger has spend only around €50 million.
“Wenger has overall win percentage of 56 percent”

This difference is rather comical, and makes Mourinho a “specialist in failure” against Wenger. This also proves that money is the key for winning top trophies. People who are calling for Wenger to “spend some fuc**** money” to win Premier League, are quite right!

“Mourinho has overall win percentage of 66 percent”
Mourinho has so far managed his clubs in 751 matches, and has an overall win percentage of 66 percent. This is very good indeed. He has gotten only 100 defeats in his career, which is not a lot by any standard. Its interesting to see that he had the worst winning percentage at the poorest club he has managed (Uniao De Leiria), and the biggest win percentage at the richest club he has managed (Real Madrid)
“Wenger has managed four different clubs”
Wenger has managed his clubs in 1513 matches, and has overall win percentage of 56 percent. He has gotten 250 defeats during his managerial career. His worst win percentage stats were at his first club he has managed. He had won only 28 percent of his matches during his time at Nancy, while he has had the best win percentage in Japan (Nagoya Gampus).
“Mourinho has managed six different clubs”

When comparing the winning percentage between the two managers, you can see that Mourinho has ten percent better overall winning percentage than Wenger, but that isn’t that much more, given that Mourinho managed half the games Wenger has managed. Although Mourinho has more wins, Wenger isn’t much worse!

“Wenger has bad statistics against top clubs”

When Mourinho announced that he is The Special One, he forgot to finish the sentence. He should say that he is The Special One In Mind Games. He is excellent in putting other manager under pressure, while taking pressure away from his team.

“Mourinho has excellent statistics against top clubs”

Mourinho managed to win a lot of games “outside the field”, because of his mind games. I think that this is the main reason why he has such a good statistic against top clubs. He has played 40 games against top 5 teams, and has only 3 defeats, 14 draws, and incredibly 23 wins. This is truly incredible.

 “Wenger is the special one in managing money”

Arsene Wenger isn’t known as some zen mind master, but he is very good with money. The fact is that Wenger usually buys cheap, and sells expensive. This makes Wenger the best (ever) financial football manager.

 “Mourinho is the special one in mind games”

Being good at money didn’t help Wenger with his stats against top 5 teams. This has always been a problem he had at Arsenal. Overall he had a 35 win percentage against Chelsea; 31 win percentage against Liverpool, and Manchester United; Wenger also had 29 win percentage against Manchester City. This means that Wenger is rather poor against the best teams, but quite good against the bad teams. In other words, Mourinho is better when the things get tough.

 “Wenger’s biggest weakness is his stubbornness”

Wenger’s biggest weakness is his stubbornness. He doesn’t like to change stuff. I mean his philosophy is the same as when he began his first managerial post at Nancy. This is also the reason why Arsenal always has the same problems.

“Mourinho’s biggest weakness is his “over” motivation”

Too much trust in young players, not enough experienced players, having a lot of money, and not spending it, saying “there isn’t any value on the market”, constant injuries,… This are all (in a way) problems created by Wenger’s stubbornness.

 “Wenger has constantly the same problems”

Mourinho’s biggest weakness is his “over” motivation. He can motivate players to achieve unprecedented success, but he can only do this for a couple of years (two). After that period, everything seems to fall apart.

“Mourinho can’t stay in a club more than three years”

Players are simply exhausted because they have to play 101 percent every game, for two years. Their form drops, and they simply aren’t the same team they were before. This is the main reason why Mourinho hasn’t managed any team, more than three years together.

“Wenger looks like a buzzard”

If Mourinho wants to stay longer in a club than three years, than he is going to have to learn how to keep players less exhausted after two years. If he does that, than he won’t win as many trophies in first two years, but he is going to be more successful in the long run.

“Mourinho looks like a mouse”

While Wenger must make some room for flexibility. He would definitely ease some pressure on him by the fans, and some things would really improve. Like better results, and less injuries!

“Wenger, and Mourinho don’t like each other (and never will)”

Both managers would profit a lot of they would try and fix their main weaknesses. Still, because of their weaknesses they managed to get so far as they did. Mourinho over motivation has got him the biggest successes, while Wenger stubbornness has made Arsenal one of the most (financially) stable football clubs in the world.


Its very hard to say who is better, but this article wasn’t meant to be some kind of battle, its merely an indication how different are this two managers. Still, you would probably pick Wenger if you are a club low on money, and aren’t in any rush to win “big” trophies. However, If you are a club full of money, but in serious need of trophies, than Mourinho would be your choice.

Everything about Mourinho, and Wenger is different, except that they are both managers in Premier League. It doesn’t matter what will happen in the future with these two. They are both going to be remembered as the two of the best managers ever in football.

Arsene Wenger, Jose Mourinho