Is signing for Manchester City logical?

Manchester City

When Fabian Delph retracted his statement of staying at Aston Villa and decided to sign for Manchester City, he said that staying at Aston Villa was purely emotional decision, while signing for Manchester City was a logical one.

Now do you think that signing for Manchester City is really a logical decision? If you consider logical, to get a lot of money quickly, then yes. If you look more long term, than the answer would be no.
I don’t think that playing for Manchester City is some kind of a spring board. A place where you can further your career. Its more of a place, where you can’t go anywhere higher. There is so much competition at Manchester City, that its very difficult to get into the first team, especially if your transfer fee was low.

Raheem Sterling cost Manchester City £49 million, while Fabian Delph cost City only £8 million.

Although these two players aren’t playing in the same position, its not difficult to guess, who is going to get more playing time.

The fact is, when a player doesn’t play regularly, he usually falls out of form. A club like City usually sells a player, who is out of form, in a heartbeat. They have the resources to replace that player easily, while the player’s career can seriously regress.
A good example of this would be Jack Rodwell. He also signed for Manchester City for a relatively low price of £12 million (still bigger than Fabian Delph). Rodwell was back then an excellent future English player. Two years sitting in the bench for City, and a consequent transfer to Sunderland, made Jack Rodwell a has-been. Rodwell is still young at 24, but no one is considering him a prospect anymore. He is considered more in terms of not being good enough.

Rodwell is just one of many football players, who went to a very big club too soon. With that I mean that their price tag was too small, and they didn’t have the right amount of experiences.

Manchester City
If you look at it like that, than Fabina Delph didn’t made a logical decision, he didn’t even make an emotional decision, he just made a dumb decision. This kind of decision can literary destroy his career.


To sum up, I don’t believe that signing for Manchester City is a logical decision. If you have a massive transfer fee, than its more logical, cause you will have more playing time, but if you don’t, than it can be quite illogical decision. Time will tell, what kind of decision Fabian Delph took, but inexperience and a low price tag are doing him no favors.