Is Eden Hazard better than Ronaldo?

Eden Hazard

Jose Mourinho has stated that Eden Hazard was better last season than Cristiano Ronaldo. Its normal for managers to talk up their players, and saying that they are better than this and that. Even Brendan Rodgers said something similar about Coutinho last season. Still, Mourinho opened up a debate, and I have decided to take a closer look, and see if Hazard is (was) better than Ronaldo.


Cristiano Ronaldo; Eden Hazard
Both players played roughly the same amount of games. Eden Hazard managed to play every single game in the Premier League which is a very special achievement.


You can see clearly who was the better striker. Ronaldo scored incredible 48 goals, while Hazard scored 14 goals. The reason for this big difference is in total shots. Cristiano Ronaldo made 225 shots, while Hazard had 78 shots. If both player would have equal amount of shots, the difference would be much smaller, but Ronaldo would still end up on top.


Ronaldo also had more assists than Hazard (16>9), but had a less overall passes. Hazard made more than 1000 passes more, which would indicate that he is more of a playmaker for Chelsea, while Ronaldo is more of an attacker for Real Madrid. Because of this, Eden Hazard also had more key passes and he managed to create more chances than Ronaldo.


One of better qualities of Ronaldo is his jump. He managed to win 59 headers, while Hazard only won 15 headers. If Ronaldo is better at jumping, than Hazard is better at dribbling. Hazard managed 180 successful dribbles, while Ronaldo only managed 54 dribbles. With this feat, Eden Hazard became the best dribbler last season. Hazard did pay rather heavily for his dribbling achievement, because he was fouled a lot. He had more than double the amount of fouls suffered compared to Ronaldo.


Ronaldo had a much better overall attack score. He had almost 1000 points more than Hazard, which again proves that Ronaldo is more of an attacker. Hazard on the other hand, had better defense score, which would indicate that he does a lot of work in defense. Possession score doesn’t show any big difference, although Ronaldo was still better for 5 points.


Ronaldo had a total score of 2479, which is huge, but Hazard does hold his ground with 1818 points. This means that Hazard wasn’t better than Ronaldo, but the opposite was true (Mourinho was wrong). Hzarad was better at some points, but Ronaldo was better overall.


Hazard is currently 24 years old, while Cristiano Ronaldo is 30. This means that Hazard will probably develop more in the future, while Ronaldo will probably not. I one of the previous posts, I concluded that Hazard deserved the award for Premier League best player. Given his age and potential, there won’t be long, before he gets award for the best player in the world, but for now players like Ronaldo and Messi are still better than him.


Cristiano Ronaldo; Eden Hazard