A proof that Paul Pogba is vastly overrated

Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba has been recently touted, as one of the best midfield players in the world. He is very young at 22 years of age, he is also quite strong, and very technical. The thing is that Paul Pogba is quite far from being the best midfield players in the world, which I am going to show you in the next couple of paragraphs.

Pogba was signed by Manchester United, when he was a youngster at Le Havre. He stayed at Manchester United for 3 years before moving to Juventus due to no playing much. Paul Pogba has became a standard player for Juventus in the past three seasons, and because of this, he has became quite famous.

Pogba stats; Toure stats

If we compare Yaya Toure with Paul Pogba, we can see that they have played roughly the same amount of games, which means that they are comparable.

Yaya Toure has scored 2 goals more, while Paul Pogba has 2 assists more. The real difference is with passing. Yaya Toure has had more than 1000 passes more than Paul Pogba, which makes him a lot better passer, and more efficient playmaker. Yaya Toure has also better passing accuracy, which again proves that Yaya is better playmaker than Paul Pogba.

Pogba managed to create more chances for Juventus than Yaya Toure for Manchester City (37>33) which would indicate that Pogba played more upfront while Yaya Toure played more central.