The reasons why UEFA All Star game is a good idea in football


There was talk recently that UEFA is planing to have an All Star game between the best football players in Europe. I am going to show you the reasons why this would actually be a good idea.


Well it was only a mater of time, before someone brought this idea up. It has been quite a wonder that this has happened only now, and not before. I mean European football is the oldest, yet this talk about the All Star game has surfaced only recently.



Well there is All Star game practically in every team sport. Sports in America are especially fond of this, given that any big league of any sport has it. The reason for this is that it brings a lot of fans to a single event. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see the best players play against the other best players?

Leagues like NBA, NFL, MLS, MLB, AFL all have it, and are using it rather effectively, while leagues in Europe haven’t done that. I predict that one of the problems for European leagues is that no league in itself is so strong as the leagues mentioned previously. Premier League is becoming that strong, but not fast enough. That’s also the reason why UEFA is planing this, because they are the biggest in terms of football in Europe.



This All Star game would enable fans to pick the best players for the both teams. This is normal practice in other sports, and would connect fans even more to football. That would also mean, that truly the best players would be playing in the teams, and would make it even more interesting. The fact is that football is all about the fans, and ability to build your dream team, would make this even more true.


I believe that every fan wants to see Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi play in the same team. The possibility of the best players playing against the best players would make this happen. I mean you could literally have the best three players (Zlatan Ibrahimović, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi) in the same team. This would make stuff really unique, because something like that has never happened before. I know you had Galacticos, but they hardly had the best players, more like the most known players.




The simple fact is that this kind of game would be watched by everybody. I think it would be more watched than Champions League finale, because in Champions League finale you have teams that got there due to their quality and more importantly their luck.With this kind of game you wouldn’t have any luck, just the best player vs. the other best players.


You could probably have the north best players vs. the south best players, or east vs west. No matter what would be chosen to be the format, this game would be the game of them all, which would surely break the record in TV watching.


In the end, all the money made from this game, could go to charities or something similar. I mean no player that would play there, would really need the money, and  UEFA isn’t really poor, so its quite naturally that the money would go to someone who really needs it. Which in the end would make the game even better.


To sum up, I believe that All Star game in football would be a good idea. I mean it would really add something special to the game, and enable the fans to see the best football players playing against the other best football players. I just hope that this kind of game will be played sooner, rather than later.
Štefan Japelj

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