When Arsene Wenger will leave Arsenal, this will happen!

Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger is currently the longest serving manager in the Premier League. He is also the most successful manager of Arsenal FC. I am predicting that this will happen, when Arsene Wenger will leave Arsenal.

Its difficult to imagine that Arsene Wenger has been at Arsenal for more than 18 years now. His brand is similar to that of Alex Ferguson. They have both been credited for creating modern Manchester United and Arsenal, and without them, both clubs would surely be less successful.


I think that Arsene Wenger greatest achievement is building the new stadium. This stadium has made Arsenal one of the richest clubs in the world, with ability to buy the best players. Building the stadium took its toll, with 9 trophy-less years, but is paying dividends now. The stadium will also help Arsenal challenge other rich clubs, those helping the club be competitive even when Arsene Wenger isn’t around.


When Alex Ferguson left Manchester United, they were winners of the Premier League. Next season David Moyes was with the same team, 7th in the Premier League. Whenever a long serving manager leaves, there is usually slump in form. Similar thing happens when an important first team player leaves the club. Its very difficult for the new manager to get results, because he brings some new ideas, and players are usually slow to except them.


Similar thing happened between Revie and Clough in 1974. Don Revie was a long serving manager of  Leeds United, and when he left, the club decided to bring in Brian Clough, one of the best managers at the time. Clough managed to stay at Leeds for just 44 days, because the players didn’t accept him, and his tactics. It didn’t help that Clough and Revie were great rivals before, but still players didn’t accept Clough tactics. I mean even a movie was filmed based on this.



As I mentioned that the new manager will have a lot of trouble. Because of this, I believe that he won’t be a long term solution. Let’s face it, most managers are at their clubs on short term. Jose Mourinho has never been in a club for more than three years. Similar is with Pep Guardiola. There aren’t many managers who are 10 years or more at one club.


I don’t think that’s good, but time has become very valuable, and managers don’t have a lot of time to get results, because there is a lot of money involved. I mean, no one would allowed Alex Ferguson 5 years without a trophy in big club. That is also the reason why there won’t be many managers like Ferguson and Wenger that actually build the modern clubs. I think that results will mostly depend on owners and not mangers.


Different managers have different styles. Mourinho has more defensive, Guardiola focus on possession, etc. Arsene Wenger style is very much attacking oriented. Defense was never the strongest point with Arsene sides. This is also the reason why this kind of football is so watchable.


Many people became fans of Arsenal because of this kind of style. This means that Arsenal might lose some fans because of different style of football. I mean it isn’t just winning, but how you win it. That’s why, the board should really look at the style of the next manager, and pick one that has an entertaining style of football. I just can’t imagine someone with similar style of football like Mourinho at Arsenal.


The best achievement Arsene Wenger managed at Arsenal in all those years, was keeping Arsenal competitive despite the lack of money. He even managed to make profit so that the club could pay of the debt created by the new Emirates Stadium.

Things has changed now, but still, when the new manager arrives, I don’t think that he will look after healthy profits as Arsene Wenger did. This can even lead to trouble in the long term, and the club might become to dependent on a rich owner.

You have funny numbers in transfer dealings at the moment. Bale cost £80 million, Di Maria cost £65 million, I mean even Mesut Ozil cost £42 million. I am afraid that one or two buys like that can ruin the club. If that kind of player performs good, than all is well, but if he flops, than you have a serious financial problem. I think that the new manager will be more inclined to take this risks, which in turn can make the club less competitive in the long term.


Arsene Wenger is the manager who is probably holding the most power at any club. Only Alex Ferguson had that much power at Manchester United. This means, the next manager won’t have that much power. This also means, that the owners will become much more visible, because it will be down to them to accept all the decisions.

When manager has less power, it usually shows on the field. Players aren’t united as with the manager who has the whole power. That I believe is one of the fundamental problems with modern football. Owners usually decide that they like some player, they buy him and expect manager to do wonders with him. When managers can’t successfully use that player in his team, they usually get the sack, and than the thing repeats itself. I don’t believe that is good, and I also believe that Arsenal will be worse when this happens.


To sum up I believe that when Arsene Wenger leaves there will be a dip in results, next manager will be short term, there is going to be a change in style, profits will fall, and there will be a change in power. I personally don’t think its going to be an easy transformation. Its true that the next manager won’t fell such a big pressure from winning the trophy, like at Manchester United. But I do believe that he will have a hard time pleasing the fans and owners at the same time, which in turn will make his stay rather short term.